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Mary Lancaster is a USA Today bestselling author of historical romance and romantic historical fiction. Her first literary love was historical fiction, a genre which she relishes mixing up with romance and adventure in her own writing. Several of her novels feature actual historical characters as diverse as Hungarian revolutionaries, medieval English outlaws, and a family of eternally rebellious royal Scots. But she is probably best known for her light, fun Regency romances.

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Latest Release: Temptation and the Artist

Gentlemen of Pleasure, Book 2

It takes an artist to see the real woman. Aline has been many things in her life. She has faced countless dangers to keep her country and her family safe. But when quiet, handsome Stephen Dornan asks permission to paint her in a series of portraits, she is unprepared for the storm of feeling that erupts between them.

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Upcoming Release: Sin and the Soldier

Gentlemen of Pleasure, Book 3

A damaged soldier bound to a musician with a past. They have never spoken. But for two years, the haunted soldier has attended Natalie’s concerts at Maida Gardens, bringing her a little self-belief and a few harmless daydreams. Captain Lord Richard Gorse, wounded in body and soul, finds the beautiful harpist’s music is the only thing that soothes his troubled spirit. Until, one evening, he finally has something to say to her.

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About the Gentlemen of Pleasure Series: Light, fun Regency romance ​

Dangerous libertines – or just misunderstood? The Gentlemen of Pleasure are the most intriguing rakes and rogues still to find love after the Pleasure Garden series.

Mary Lancaster