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Mary Lancaster is a USA Today bestselling author of historical romance and romantic historical fiction. Her first literary love was historical fiction, a genre which she relishes mixing up with romance and adventure in her own writing. Several of her novels feature actual historical characters as diverse as Hungarian revolutionaries, medieval English outlaws, and a family of eternally rebellious royal Scots. But she is probably best known for her light, fun Regency romances.


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Latest Release: The Soldier’s Impossible Love (One Night in Blackhaven, Book 3)

A damaged hero battles love at first sight…  Even experienced soldiers have their limits of endurance. For Major Roderick Vale it was Waterloo. Sent on enforced leave of absence after attacking his fellow officers, he returns with his siblings to the family home near Blackhaven in search of peace and healing and a little passionate distraction. The last thing he needs is to fall seriously in love with Lady Helen Conway, a heady mixture of youthful fun, beauty, and astounding artistic talent.

Coming Soon: Petteril’s Wife (Lord Petteril Mysteries, Book 5)

Incognito in Portugal…  Lord Petteril’s cousin, the newly commissioned Major Bertie Withan, has gone missing somewhere between landing in Lisbon and joining his regiment on the front line of the Peninsular War. Piers and April, disguised as a government clerk and his wife to deter undue interest from possible ransom-seekers, try to follow Bertie’s last movements from British army headquarters to the fetid back streets of Lisbon…

About One Night in Blackhaven

A sequel series to Blackhaven Brides. The troubled and unconventional Vale family returns to Blackhaven to heal their various wounds and make a new start. No one expects that one single ball will hold such significance for all of them.

Welcome back to Blackhaven!